Code of conduct

There are more than 500 official Fanclubs at the FC ST. Pauli that are inscribed.
Most people think of organised groups when hearing of official Fanclubs, but can not imagine something specific. Of course, in some Fanclubs there are some structures that are similar to
real association, but most of the Fanclubs at FC St. Pauli are friends who go and see the matches together for years and want to give them self some structure. Before becoming an official Fanclub, everyone should read the following code of conduct and be sure before signing it.

Code of conduct

All Fanclubs recognize, also representative for all their members, the code of conduct as the foundation of our shared responsibility that we have for our fanscene.

First priority is to support the FC St. Pauli and his teams.

Fanclubs gain that aim by different activities within the framework of their potential.

The Fanclubs cultivate contact with other Fanclubs and support the work of the Fanclub council.

The Fanclubs obligate oneselfs to follow the stadium rules and the away matches rules of the Fanladen.

The Fanclubs are strictly against discrimination, racism and sexism, also against hooliganism and homophobia.

Official Fanclubs are obligated to upholde the code of conduct and to encourage it to their members.

At all presentations, Fanclubs make sure to follow the thoughts of the code of conduct, especially in social media.

Respect is essential for the code of conduct.

At conflicts, the FCSR sees himself, beside the Fanladen, as one more important mediator. Particularly to spread rumors via media and social media without personal consultation is deemed to be wrong.

A discussion will be held before any actions. There are representatives at every match of Fanladen and FCSR.

The code of conduct should not be viewed as a system of rules, It should be the fundament from thinking and acting because of belief. To acknowledge the code of conduct is part of becoming an official Fanclub.

Benefits as an official fan club

What are our advantages as a registered fan club? Not much, but you can benefit a bit from being registered as a fan club.

  • Fan clubs regularly receive circulars with current information and fan tournament invitations that arrive from all over Germany
  • It is quicker and easier to get to know other fan clubs and like-minded people
  • Fan clubs have the right to book in advance for away trips organized by the fan store
  • Once a year, each fan club is allowed to send two delegates to the fan club delegates’ meeting, where information about innovations is provided and decisions are made
  • Only the registered fan clubs are entitled to play in the official fan club tournaments in summer on the small field (mostly in the Millerntorstadion) and in winter in the hall (mostly Sporthalle Hamburg)
  • Thanks to the regional structure of the fan club speaker council, every fan club, no matter if in Hamburg, Germany or the world, has a personal contact person who is happy to inform and help with all things concerning the FCSR, the fan clubs and our FC St. Pauli

Season fee

The season fee for the fan clubs has been 30 Euro per fan club since the 2007/2008 season. Every year in August, the 30 Euro must be paid for the next season. When making a bank transfer, please do not forget to include the fan club name in the reason for transfer and please transfer the money to the account of the

Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE37200505501045210935