The Fan Club Speakers Council (FCSR for short) is elected every 2 years by the delegates of the officially registered fan clubs of the FC St. Pauli. The FCSR is responsible for the smooth organization of the fan club existence at the FC St. Pauli and is the direct contact for the fan clubs. It is also the mouthpiece and legitimate representative of all organized St. Pauli fan clubs vis-à-vis the club or other institutions.

In essence, the FCSR has three areas of responsibility:

  • the administration of the fan clubs and the exchange with the fan clubs
  • the work in different committees (e.g. StA, StFa, Fanräume)
  • the work in various AGs (including fan club tournament, homophobia, stadium bans)

The fan club speaker council currently (03/2022) includes 10 people, who have different areas of responsibility, so an efficient work is guaranteed. The speaker councils do not only live in Hamburg, but are spread all over Germany. Modern means of communication allow a quick and direct exchange at any time, but the “face-to-face” will always be in the foreground.

The current council

Fan club: Szenario Kaos
Homepage/Database, Newsletter, StFa, Communication
Hamburg 2
Fan club: Seggiolini Sankt Pauli
Tournament Organisation,Communication, Newsletter
Hamburg 1
Fan club: Drei-Punkte-Glühn
Club “Jugend und Sport”, Inclusion, StFa,
Fan club: G.A.S.
Tournament Organisation,Kiezhelden
Fan club: Millerntoristen
Communication U18
Outside HH / International
Fanladen Sankt Pauli
Fan club: Südzecken
AK Awareness, Inclusion

Committee work

Over the years, the Fan Club Speakers Council has built up a standing in various committees that is respected and must not be recklessly abandoned. Around the FC St. Pauli and the Fanladen there are a lot of committees that meet with different frequency. The FCSR divides the committee work among themselves and then exchange information at the FCSR meetings.

Working groups

The work in working groups has a long tradition around the Fanladen. Again and again, new working groups are formed for current reasons. Mostly a FCSR member will also be represented in each of these.

Should it not be possible for the FCSR to participate in a committee or working group itself, it may delegate persons from fan clubs who will then work in the committees or working groups for the FCSR and inform their members.