Especially the administration of the fan clubs has proven to be very time-consuming in the last years and months and here we also see one of the central points of the speaker council’s work: the fan clubs should be informed about news promptly and regularly. In addition, questions that arise should be answered quickly. For these reasons, the FCSR was expanded some time ago and so-called regional representatives were established. The regional representatives are the contact persons for fan clubs in a certain area, so please inform us about any changes in the chairmanship of your fan club, as this may also change your regional representative.

The allocation is done according to the first two digits of the zip code of the respective contact person of the fanclub. The following regional representatives exist:

Thus, each regional representative has a manageable number of fan clubs to look after and the numerous fan clubs, including those from outside the region, have a contact person in close proximity.

A member of the FCSR is responsible for the technical side of the support and takes care of the technical things like the database for the membership administration, the homepage and the mail distribution list. The financial side is left in the reliable and proven hands of the Fanladen.