22nd fan club tournament

Last Saturday, the 22nd fan club tournament of the registered fan clubs took place at Millerntor Stadium. The weather could not have been better, many fan clubs and individuals helped out and all(!) fan clubs that registered came. WOW 🥳.

The day was characterized by a great atmosphere everywhere and there were no major conflicts. Likewise, we felt the tournament was very fair, which was also confirmed by the fact that no complaints reached us. It was also nice to see how well the children’s tournament was received this year 🙂

An explicit thank you also to the fan clubs Brigate Garibaldi FC St.Pauli (pasta, pizza), Galaxy St.Pauli (barbecue) and Weiß-Braune Kaffeetrinker (soft drinks, cotton candy, tombola)!

Fun group
1. Sankt Pauli Buddies
2. Viva con Astra
3. Club der toten Gegengerade
4. Ewige Jugend Sankt Pauli
5. Stardust Sankt Pauli
6. ISC International Supporters Crew
7. FC Sankt Pauli Holland
8. Randgruppe Süd
9. U18 / Ragazzi
10. Bolzinferno
11. Pumas St.Pauli
12. FC Quersumme 11
13. Flying Beers
14. SG Nordvernetzung
15. St.Pauli Gizmos
16. Freundeskreis 1910
17. Likedeeler St. Pauli
18. Astra Bagaluten
19. Gecko Maniacs
20. KiezKick
21. Kollektiv 20359

Main group
1. Gleiche Höhe 08
2. Pelemele
3. #AMK Sankt Pauli
4. Hamburger Originale
5. Fankollektiv Rotspott
6. FC Lampedusa St. Pauli
7. Alles für Sankt Pauli
8. Galaxy St. Pauli
9. R24
10. St.Pauli on sea
11. BHSP
12. Darum Sankt Pauli
13. Hasta la borrachera siempre
14. Grasgrüne Grashüpfer
15. Astra Style
16. The Wasted
17. Pommes Braun-Weiß
18. Brigate Garibaldi FC St.Pauli
19. Weiß-Braune Kaffeetrinker
20. G.A.S.
21. G-Life

Best Overall Performance: Gecko Maniacs

Congratulations to the old and new title holder Gleiche Höhe 08!

A big thank you to the Fanladen St.Pauli, the FC St.Pauli, all helpers and all fan clubs and individuals who contributed to this beautiful day. We are looking forward to next year!