Realignment 2023

Last Saturday, October 7th, 2023 the Delegates Assembly 2023 took place. 82 delegates from 52 fan clubs defied the bad weather and found their way to the Fanräume. Many thanks for that!

This Delegates Assembly was also the last one for Paupi, Til and Tom – at least on the podium. At their own request, our 3 old warhorses are leaving after many years of FCSR imprinting.

Paupi and Til have shaped the FCSR for 15 years and Tom for 13 years.

Many, many thanks to you 💖.

These are also the only personnel changes: Jule, Mia, Rosi, Andi, Gerd and Golle will continue their work for the FCSR.

FCSR with Nils (Finances, Fanladen)