We are St.Pauli! – Part 1

FC St Pauli Bloque Mexico

The FC St Pauli Bloque Mexico, was born under the need to spread the sporting achievements, inclusion and rebellion of FC St Pauli in Mexico and Latin America. May 27, 2017 is the date that commits us in this journey towards freedom.

From horizontality, solidarity and mutual support we began to define whatwe wanted as a bloc. Agreements and discussions are the day to day of our organization. Always adding and proposing the necessary changes to consolidate the work we are seeking to do.

Activities such as soccer continue to be the bridge to extend the support networks, we jump onto the field with the slogan that Soccer is not for Fascists. We currently belong to a soccer league where each team is the official representative of the club that wears the jersey linking solidarity from the field. We understand that the link between sports is an example of rebellion, diversity and tolerance that is why in Cuautepec Barrio Alto, boxing classes are taught with the aim of showing children and adolescents that another world is possible through each blow that is given to everything that infuses racism, discrimination and hatred, with these actions we seek to prevent more young people fall into the networks of crime and addictions. Fostering discipline and commitment to their peers, this is Box en el Barrio.

We accompany and support the migrant community with health programs and medical attention inside the shelter Tochan Nuestra Casa. We defend the free transit and the right to health of any human being, because absolutely no one is illegal or will walk alone. With medical attention to approximately 520 people inside the shelter in 6 months.

Legal support is provided to the elderly, women and men in situations of physical, economic and sexual violence. Without any charge, all in solidarity and with love. Legal accompaniment is transcendental in the defense of the rights of people who need it.

One year ago our brothers of the Latino community in Chicago joined this effort, extending to the USA the commitment and way of working of FC St.Pauli Bloque Mexico, demonstrating that borders are there to be broken down. They collaborate with the migrant community guiding them in their adaptation process in their new home.

In March and April, we collected toys for children and adolescents with limited resources, always carrying the message of our beloved St. Pauli. In the months of October and November we ask for the support of the club’s followers to collect blankets and winter clothes for the benefit of the homeless community. These acts of solidarity and empathy generate circumstantial changes in the mood and mental health of people. Which is extremely important to care for and heal for the free development of any human being.

We invite and join all those efforts that seek to generate a better society, where solidarity and mutual support are a flag for transformation.

We are against all thoughts and actions that instill hatred, racism, discrimination among people. We appeal to acts of love as the highest form of rebellion and anti-fascism, without forgetting that self-defense and the right to self-determination of people is a fundamental process for the deconstruction of a better society.

Sankt Pauli is more than just a team located on the banks of the river Elbe in the port of Hamburg. Sankt Pauli is the red-light district, the neighborhood of workers, squatters and punks. Sankt Pauli has our home in the millerton, it is a source of example, empathy and rebellion for all of us who seek a better world.

FC St Pauli Bloque Mexico is an effort of many and few, with the goal of sharing and replicating the ideals of our beloved Sankt Pauli.

Protest and Survive with Love and Rage!