Open letter – Shop TV

–> published on Dec 12th, 2021 <–

To the FC St. Pauli von 1910 e.V.

It is not so long ago, when at the second General Meeting 2021 the Volunteering was praised, about the cooperation of each individual person, people who want to contribute, who want to shape.

What was discussed in the past about important topics such as sustainability, diversity, fair trade, generating donations for Kiezhelden, museum, etc. and also put on paper.
How cool was the advertising to the Flyerservice Hahn.
How great was the interaction of the fans, members with the club in the Corona time? How high was the sacrifice of each individual person, be it financially, but also idealistically.


And now, one week later? A shot across the bow to so many who have worked to make the club what it is. The FC St. Pauli has its own clowns series on TV, about taste, especially in humor, one can argue as is well known, but this? Seriously on quite silly? Is that sales marketing it needs to generate funds for the collective agreement? We hope not…
And then a lot of people think it’s silly and you guys do the unbelievable:
You comment on it in social media with “donate funds for every critical comment” ?

What a pathetic instrumentalization.

This is so low and so low that we really lose the desire to cooperate. And no, then diplomacy and bilateral bickering won’t help anymore.
It is no longer acceptable for us as representatives of hundreds of fan clubs to accept this inner non-attitude. The director, who finds such a comment tenable, may be professionally important for the club, but for us she also has to bear the responsibility, especially to the outside. Is this what good external representation looks like in your opinion?
Critical discussion would be necessary here, because this is what has made our association what it thinks it is. Do you really want to press such a comment into the people who express themselves here hard, but nevertheless decently? Is already disgustingly arrogant…
So you’d better send the money to the appropriate institutions right away. That would have much less image loss and would also be sustainable.

Bitterly disappointed that the responsible leading officials nothing learned from the numerous mistakes in the past, still not internalized the value canon and teach it to all coworkers. At least they are not able to live these common values and minimum standards at respect over a longer period.
Think about whether this is what you want. At the moment you are completely upsetting many people who have contributed so much to this club and helped shape it.
Think about it, we are doing the same.