Survey AK Awareness

—> published on Nov 24th, 2021 — SURVEY ALREADY ENDED <—

For more visibility!

The goal of AK Awareness is to raise awareness, educate and combat border violating, discriminatory and assaultive behavior in the context of stadium experiences, special train rides, parties and other events related to FC St. Pauli, as well as to offer support to those affected and groups.
We would be happy if you participate in our survey about your experiences with discrimination and transgressive behavior in the FC St. Pauli environment. You can find it here
The aim of the survey is to understand in which form transgressive behavior happens in the environment of FC St. Pauli and how this behavior is countered. By taking part, you can help us to develop helpful structures for those affected and to combat transgressions at FC St. Pauli in the long term.
You can find more information at the beginning of the survey or here

If you want to contact us, you can do so at: or anonymously via the contact form on the homepage.